Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Services at Lancaster Regional Medical Center provide vital support to the patients and staff of the hospital by carrying out smaller, daily tasks. Volunteer assistance can often greatly lighten the load of hospital Associates and enhance overall patient care, directly or indirectly.  And hospital patients and Associates alike are so very appreciative of the help! 

Volunteers serve in over fifty areas of the hospital. Some volunteer opportunities at Lancaster Regional include:

  • Patient transport 
  • Guest guidance 
  • Waiting room assistance 
  • Clerical duties 
  • Courier 
  • Messenger service 
  • Food service 
  • Spiritual care

Lancaster Regional volunteers are individuals who share very precious gifts within the hospital – their time, talent, service, and caring. Volunteers come from all walks of life, but they share common bonds; a motivation to help others and a desire to give freely of their time.   

Training is provided. To prepare for a role as a volunteer, Lancaster Regional conducts an interview and provides orientation. Volunteers learn their way around the hospital, meet some of the staff, and learn more about hospital services available as well as opportunities open to be of assistance. Whatever area in which a volunteer chooses to assist, whether for a specific day and/or time of the week or even for a specific project, that commitment can always be adjusted to accommodate the volunteers own schedule.   

To learn more about Lancaster Regional volunteer opportunities, please call the Volunteer Office at (717) 291-8126 during normal business hours.