Asthma Education

The Asthma Center of Lancaster at Lancaster Regional Medical Center is one of its kind in Lancaster! Most emergency departments and physician offices don't have the time required to educate patients about chronic disease management. As a result, many asthma patients end up in the cycle of exacerbation, short term control and exacerbation again. 

Lancaster Regional employs a Certified Asthma Educator with over 25 years of experience in the field of chronic disease education. The staff at the Asthma Center of Lancaster is certified through the National Asthma Educator Certification Board.   

The goal of the Asthma Center of Lancaster at Lancaster Regional is to provide asthma patients of all ages and their families with the skills they need for improved self-management of symptoms. We emphasize disease education, asthma triggers and emergent and chronic treatment of the disease.

Our Asthma Educator will work with patients and their physicians to assure a better understanding of all components of quality asthma care. There is no cure for asthma. The good news is that symptoms can be well controlled. The goal of asthma care is to effectively treat symptoms so patients can have full, active lives with minimal impact from their disease. 

The five components of asthma care include: 

  • Assessment and monitoring. 
  • Regular pulmonary function testing, peak flow and symptom monitoring evaluate asthma control. 
  • Medications: A variety of medications are used to treat acute symptoms and prevent chronic symptoms. 
  • Environmental Control: Understanding how to avoid or limit exposure to triggers minimizes episodes of asthma.
  • Patient Education: Learning about the components of care is a key to managing asthma. 

Our program consists of four, one hour weekly visits. This initial course is followed up with one month, three month, six month and one year follow ups to ensure proper asthma management.
Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or by appointment, call (717) 291-8377.