Working on Wellness: Employer Health Initiative

Heart of Lancaster and Lancaster Regional Medical Centers recognize that controlling rapidly rising healthcare costs is a challenge faced by all employers in today's business world. As a local healthcare provider, we are in a unique position to collaborate with employers to help combat these significant costs. By working together in a program entitled “Working on Wellness", we can help control these costs and collectively achieve a healthier community.

Health Information Center

A wall-mounted display designed to educate employees on pertinent health issues and provide details regarding available health promotion activities.

Personal Health Report

A customized health risk assessment designed to inform employees of their personal health risks and detail how they can achieve better health through specific lifestyle changes.

Workforce Health Profile

A "health snapshot" of the workforce that helps employers to:

  • compare the health of your workforce to others in the market
  • identify the specific health risks present in your workforce and address these risks before they generate significant claims
  • trend, over time, the improvements in the health of your workforce

HR Insight

HRInsight is an Internet-based financial analysis tool that allows employers to:

  • understand the health risks faced by your workers
  • project how healthcare dollars will be spent
  • identify potential savings through the attainment of a healthier workforce

For more information, please contact Amy Pickard, Employer Relations Specialist, at (717) 291-8364 or