Inpatient Care

Intensive behavioral health care

When someone with an acute psychiatric disorder is unable to function on their own, or poses a danger to themselves or others, inpatient treatment can be an effective option. If you or someone you love needs help, Lancaster Regional Medical Center can help. Our inpatient treatment programs are designed to help adults manage immediate crises and achieve optimal functioning and emotional stability. Our family-oriented programs encourage all members of the patient’s support system to participate in the healing process.

The goal of Lancaster Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Services is to help alleviate the suffering of individuals afflicted with acute mental illness. Treatment is structured as a collaborative effort between the patient, the patient’s primary supports and the Lancaster Regional Interdisciplinary Team. This Team consists of the applicable Therapists, Counselors, Registered Nurses, and Psychiatrists and meets regularly to discuss and review each patient’s progress to determine what changes may be needed concerning treatment and medication. We develop a customized treatment plan for each individual that draws from a variety of services and therapies, including:

Group therapy - Group therapy is the primary treatment modality used and patients usually receive 30 to 35 hours a week, administered by Master’s level therapists. We emphasize psychotherapeutic group interaction of the therapeutic milieu to explore and challenge interpersonal boundaries, to develop social and decision making skills, to promote insight, and help each patient realize their own strengths. Honesty, respect and personal responsibility are highly encouraged. Types of group therapies may include goals, activity therapy, process, psychotherapy, skills training, medication, and exercise. 

Family therapy - Whenever possible, we encourage the patient’s primary supports — families, friends and other close contacts as applicable — to advocate and strengthen their own abilities to help provide effective, positive support, especially after the patient is discharged from Lancaster Regional. Administered by Master’s level therapists, types of family therapy may include support groups, marital therapy and discharge planning.

Individual therapy - Our patients are strongly encouraged to become informed and active participants in their treatment options. We support patient efforts at self-determination within the boundaries of their own beliefs and values. Attending psychiatrists conduct private and confidential one-to-one sessions at least five days a week, which will also include patient medication management and education.

Discharge planning - Discharge planning begins upon admission. All Interdisciplinary Team members collaborate to establish a realistic after care plan that promotes open communication with other behavioral health care providers, as necessary, to ensure continuity of care and considerations of a patient’s living situation.

Comprehensive care from evaluation through recovery

Individuals receive a thorough evaluation by a psychiatrist to determine the best course of treatment. Our behavioral health professionals provide patients and their loved ones with educational and emotional support, as well as continuing care services to help ease the transition into daily living.

Care is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lancaster Regional's Behavioral Health Services is staffed around the clock with professionals. Individuals and families are provided immediate and exceptional access to behavioral health professionals by telephone or face-to-face. We provide assessment, evaluation, and level of care determination and referrals to community resources based on clinical need.

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