Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Advanced treatment to help you return to a full and productive life

Musculoskeletal problems are often accompanied by physical limitations and pain which can make it challenging to enjoy everyday life. Therefore, orthopedic rehabilitation is just as important as diagnosis and treatment. And Lancaster Regional Medical Center’s program has been helping people get back to their lives for over 20 years in a pleasant, safe and supportive atmosphere.   

Orthopedic rehab is a medically supervised program combining exercise, education, emotional support, and ongoing maintenance to help you recover from any injury or surgery. Our goal is to help you return to a full and productive life, and our program is staffed by therapy and nursing teams with many years of experience. In addition to the utilization of exercise equipment and free weights, our occupational therapists work with you on the activities of daily living, such as maneuvering around the kitchen, climbing stairs and driving to ensure you are well-prepared for your return home.   

Our approach encompasses more than just your physical healing. We focus on your overall wellbeing, physically and emotionally. We will help you regain your strength, alleviate symptoms and reduce your risk of future problems.