Progressive Care

Acute, transitional care

Progressive care is for patients who are able to leave the ICU (intensive care unit), but who still require significant care and monitoring. Lancaster Regional’s multidisciplinary team of specialized doctors, ICU-qualified nurses and other specialized health care professionals provide 24-hour care and monitoring for patients with acute or chronic illness. Our progressive care team is committed to providing high-quality care to our patients, and we are committed to keeping family members well informed.

Progressive Care Unit (PCU)

The Progressive Care Unit (PCU) offers multidisciplinary care to a variety of patients that have acute or chronic illnesses. Lancaster Regional nursing is dedicated to providing exceptional and caring treatment for every patient’s body, mind, and spirit in a safe, professional, comforting environment.   

We strive to provide excellent patient care and focus on education, so our patients may return to their usual activities of daily living.   

Our PCU staff is committed to delivering the highest level of quality of care to our patients. We recognize that family members also have special needs and are very important especially as the patients are recovering.   

For HIPAA privacy reasons and coordination of care, please have a designated spokesperson(s) for all communication. We will ask the family spokesperson for a password, which must be, used prior to discussing any information. The spokesperson should be the one who calls for updates so the nursing staff can concentrate on the care of your family member without frequent telephone interruptions.  

Please feel free to contact the Progressive Care Unit at (717) 291-8276. We care and want to see your loved one recover as quickly as possible. 

Medical / Surgical / Oncology Unit

The Medical Surgical Oncology Unit is an 18-bed unit. All of our rooms are private and have been recently remodeled to offer our patients a homier setting.  Our team’s commitment to provide an elevated standard of patient care, service and advocacy is part of our code of conduct and daily routine. We readily meet the needs of patients ages 14 and above with a multitude of diagnosis.  We have a Diabetes Education Nurse, a Wound Care and Ostomy Nurse and an Infectious Disease Physician available to assist with treatment and education, as well as numerous Chemotherapy Certified nurses to address the specific needs of you or your loved during their course of treatment.

Post-Surgical Unit

The Post-Surgical Unit is a 26-bed unit.  As with the Medical Oncology Unit, all patient rooms are private with many new upgrades to help our patients recover in a more comfortable environment.

The staff on the Post-Surgical Unit is dedicated to helping our patients recover from their surgical procedures with minimal complications.  The unit is a designated “clean” unit where post-surgical and immunocompromised patients are assisted to recovery by our post-surgical team.  There is a Physical and Occupational Therapy gym on the floor that brings our PT/OT department to the patient until they are ready to progress to the larger gyms located in another area of the hospital.  We see a wide variety of general, orthopedic and urological surgery patients age 14 and above and are committed to addressing the special needs of each one.