Robotic-Assisted "Patient Friendly" Sugery Seminar

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA (January 24, 2012, Hospital News) - Our physicians agree: Surgery isn’t what it used to be. And that’s great news! If you’re considering surgery, learn what robotic-assisted technology can mean to you.

Free Seminar: “Patient-Friendly Surgeries” | Wednesday, March 21
6:30 p.m. – MAKOplasty Partial Knee Resurfacing and Total Hip Arthroplasty
7:30 p.m. – da Vinci Surgery

Eden Resort & Suites, 222 Eden Road, Lancaster

Reserve your spot for either or both seminars by March 9 by calling (717) 291-8123.

Surgery used to be a frightening proposition, but robotic-assisted technology now allows specialists at Heart of Lancaster and Lancaster Regional Medical Centers to perform complex procedures with minimally invasive techniques that are more precise than traditional surgery. The results: Less pain, shorter hospital stays, quicker recoveries. 

Lancaster Regional became the first in the county to offer the da Vinci® Surgical System in 2005. To date more than 1,000 procedures have been performed by physicians at Lancaster Regional and Heart of Lancaster. How’s that for experience? 

Lancaster Regional is also the first and only facility in the Lancaster area to offer MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing and now also Total Hip Arthroplasty, giving osteoarthritis patients new options for partial knee and total hip replacements.