iTriage Smartphone App Connects You with Lancaster Regional Medical Center and Urgent Medical Information

Lancaster Regional Medical Center has partnered with Healthagen® to provide you with essential information about our Emergency Department and speciality physicians on the free iTriage® smartphone medical application. 

What is iTriage?

Built by emergency room physicians, iTriage combines healthcare information with a nationwide directory of medical provider resources so that healthcare consumers not only know the most appropriate level of care based on specific symptoms, but also the closest and most qualified provider for a condition. 

With the introduction of this premier level of service, Lancaster Regional Medical Center joins a growing number of medical facilities across the country utilizing this interactive technology that allows consumers to search medical symptoms, learn about possible causes, and find appropriate locations for treatment. In addition, Lancaster residents and those in surrounding communities now have mobile access to information such as specialties and hospital information.

How do I get iTriage for my phone?

Available for all iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad™, Palm® and Android™ users, and soon available as an application for BlackBerry® smartphones, iTriage extends the benefits of medical information to mobile users in the Lancaster community. Those using other Web-enabled devices can access iTriage and Lancaster Regional Medical Center facilities listings at

Click here to use the online iTriage for desktop computers.

Click here for iTriage FAQs.