Patient Advocacy Program

Support, encourage and protect

Our Patient Advocate makes rounds with inpatients and is available to discuss concerns with the patient, family members and concerned parties. She talks with the patient and family members, or concerned friends, about the hospital stay. All topics, from safety and cleanliness standards to the professionalism and care provided by staff, can be part of the conversation. Her role is to assure Lancaster Regional Medical Center's standards for superior customer service are met. 

What happens when problems occur?

It can happen that a patient or family member believes an important need is unmet. Should that occur during a patient stay at Lancaster Regional, the advocate can be contacted by the patient, a friend or a family member. She will work with staff to resolve the situation. Although all patients are important, particular attention is given to high-risk patients. The goal is patient, family and physician satisfaction with inpatient care provided at Lancaster Regional.

Who advocates for patients receiving same-day services? 

The Patient Advocate is available to meet with patients who are admitted to the hospital. Directors of outpatient departments contact her if a particular issue needs attention. She does not make routine visits with patients admitted to the behavioral health unit: their unique issues are best met by the unit staff. 

Compliments are welcome 

Compliments far outweigh complaints. As she alerts nursing directors and administrators to concerns, the patient advocate passes on words of praise, as well. 

Physicians are our customers, too

Physicians and their office staffs should call the patient advocate to discuss any concerns that occur during their patients' hospitalization. Follow-up is initiated as soon as possible during normal business hours. For issues that arise during the evening, at night or on the weekend, leave a voice message and she will respond the following day. For immediate concerns, dial the hospital operator and ask to speak with the nursing supervisor. 

How do I contact the patient advocate? 

Office: (717) 358-8054 
Cell: (717) 390-3866 


Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.